Best Price on Mossberg Maverick 88

Everyone is on a budget these days and there is no shame in wanting to get a good value for your money.  Personal and home defense is also a hot topic these days, so how do you combine the two?  How do you buy affordable home defense shotguns?

Mossberg Maverick 88 12 Guage Shotgun

When it comes time to buy a shotgun for home protection, Mossberg shotguns are always at the top of the list.  Mossberg is a well known name and people know they can trust it to work when the time comes.  Well, the Mossberg Maverick 88 is no exception to the family name.

Available at a shockingly low price of $220, the Maverick 88 is one of the most affordable shotguns on the market.  Notice I didn’t say, “cheap shotgun”.  The term “affordable” was used on purpose.  “Cheap shotguns” would imply poor quality or sub par craftsmanship.  The Maverick 88 suffers from neither. It’s simply goes boom without all the flash.

As a slightly stripped down version of the Mossberg 500, the Maverick 88 is just a good, affordable, reliable shotgun.  It’s the perfect choice for the gun you’re going to keep in your bedroom to protect yourself and your family.  Spending only $220 on a pump shotgun is just smart.  It’s not an every day shooter.  Look at it as a slightly more expensive, and a lot more effective, baseball bat. Have you seen the prices on some of these outlandish baseball bats these days? Crazy! Anyhow, like the trust baseball bat, the MAverick iss there when you need it, but you won’t break the bank buying it.

The Maverick 88™ 8-Shot Security model features a 3″ chamber, 20″ Cylinder Bore fixed choke and a non-ported barrel. A rugged black synthetic stock and forearm, blued metal finish and a brass front sight bead are also included.


– Maverick® 88™ barrels are compatible with Mossberg® 500® model barrels within gauge and capacity.
– All Maverick® models include a cross-bolt safety in front of the trigger for speed and convenience
– All Maverick® 88 choke tubes are fully interchangeable with Mossberg® Accu-Choke™ tubes.
– 88™ model barrels are equipped with 3″ chambers and handle factory 2¾” and 3″ loads.
– All Maverick barrels and choke tubes are capable of firing lead, steel or other non-toxic loads.
– All models feature a blued metal finish and durable black synthetic stock and forearm.
– All models feature dual extractors and twin action slide bars for positive, non-binding extraction and ejection.
– Free Cablelock included with each model.
– All Maverick® models include a One-Year Limited Warranty.


– Gauge: 12
– Chamber: 3″
– Capacity: 8
– Barrel: 20″
– Cylinder Bore fixed choke

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