US Made AK47 23mm Front Trunnion

Given the serious availability issues of imported AK-47 parts, especially front trunnions, Suburban Arsenal is proud to offer New 7.62×39 23mm AK47 type trunnions, made right here in the state of Georgia, USA.

AK-47 Type 23mm Front Trunnion Block

Our 23mm front trunnions are precision machined, heat treated and blued, using modern US manufacturing with the original Russian AKM design for inspiration. While other trunnion blocks are in the works, including 19mm Chinese MAK-90 type trunnions, our line begins with the 7.62×39 23mm trunnion block. While ours are similar to the original Russian design, you will notice that “new car” smell. Actually, it’s more a lack of that “old Eastern bloc” smell. But seriously, the trunnions are exactly what your next build needs. The major difference being the precision and safety used in manufacturing new US Made AK-47 type parts.

We started shipping on August 16th. We’re working hard to meet the demand, so the only way to ensure you get one of our trunnions is to place your order today.

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AK-47 Front Trunnion 23mm AK-47 Front Trunnion 23mm
AK-47 Front Trunnion 23mm AK-47 Front Trunnion 23mm
AK-47 Front Trunnion 23mm AK-47 Front Trunnion 23mm
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